The other players at my table can not hear or see me, what can I do?

Depending on the system the individual players are running and their internet connection, this can happen sometimes.

Please follow these steps:

- Step 1: Reload your page. If you have any way to communicate with your friends, please ask them to do the same if the problem still persists.
- Step 2: Open the settings window by clicking the gear (⚙️ )- icon in the sidebar on the right side or by pressing the F7 key. On the left side, click on "video chat" and make sure that the correct Video and Audio devices are selected.
- Step 3: When you arrive at the table you will be asked to give the browser permission to use Camera and Microphone. You can always check those permissions in your browser settings. Please note: Some browsers let you give access to the devices through a little lock (🔒) - icon in the address bar.
(On MAC: Open the <Apple menu>, go to <System Preferences>, click <Security & Privacy> and open the <Privacy> pane. Select <Camera> / <Microphone>.)
(On iPad: Be sure to use Safari AND to request the mobile Website in your browser. Otherwise you won’t be heard by other players and vice versa)
- Step 4: Other Apps can interfere if they are also using your Camera or Microphone. Sometimes it is necessary to close those Apps to be seen or heard at the table.
- Step 5: Be sure to use the Chrome browser to play on Other browsers (like Safari, Chromium, ... Firefox...) should work as well though. Also make sure that your browser is up-to-date and the newest drivers are installed on your device.
- Step 6: Go back to Step 1.

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