What are Club Roles?

Club roles give special rights and functions to the members who hold them.

- Manager: Only role that enables a member to assign roles to other members. Has the rights and capabilities of all the other club roles.
- Coach: Has access to unmasked.poker coaching features. Needs to acquire coaching privileges at his clubs tables in the sidebar.
- Floorman: Can kick players in his club's sit&gos and mtts (needs to be assigned by the host in the mtt lobby/participants before the start). Needs to acquire floorman privileges at his club's sit&go tables in the sidebar. Can be assigned to an MTT by the host (beneath the participant list). Assigned floormen cannot play in an MTT.
- Inviter: Can create and send invitation links in members page or directly to a club game or tournament.
- Brand Officer: Has access to the club's "Branding" options (color schemes, background picture).
- Treasurer: Is allowed to send his own chips to other players

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