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Clubs: A Better Way to Manage Your Home Games

What is is a web-app allowing you to play poker online with your friends. was developed during the pandemic to bring home-games online. The core features are ease of use, integrated video chat and tons of poker variants and options. does only offer play money games. You could view it as a virtual poker set.

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How does earn money?

We often get asked, how does earn money. The short answer is, we don’t. At the moment we are spending a lot for development, infrastructure and marketing, but we do not have any revenue streams yet. Our idea for the future is to keep offering free poker, but have a premium version as a way for our players to support us and get more features in return. Club Feature

The foundation of this premium version will be our club feature.

While we do not require any kind of login for our free tables, we require a google sign-in for clubs so you can always reclaim your session.

To prevent abuse, players must pick a player name for each club that can not be changed later on.

For now clubs will give you the following extras:

  • tables and their history are persistent (non-club tables will be deleted regularly)
  • organize your poker group in a more consistent way
  • better control over who may play at your tables
  • list of all tables in your club
  • create presets for table settings
list of all tables in your club
  • long term balance of all your cash games
  • possibility to rake tables (e.g. to train under realistic conditions)
  • customise game elements (cards, table, …) in your own style

Play poker online
with friends.

Virtual poker table with players video chatting