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Playing with Open Cards: Streaming Poker to an Audience

For our show “Potti’s Poker Night”(Youtube) we are streaming all hole cards and win probabilities to our viewers. This article is going to explain you how to do the same.

Step 1: Create a coaching table

Showing hole cards to others is part of our coaching features. To create a coaching table you first need and create a club. Each of the players in your stream will have to be member of the this club or they cannot join the table.

  • go to the club page
  • if you have not already done so, create a club by pressing the plus button
  • go to games and create a game
  • use the copy invite link button to get a table link containing an invite link to your club
  • send that link to every other player. When they follow the link they will be able to join your club and take a seat at the table.
  • go to the table your self
  • click on the golden user button in the bottom left and click “acquire coaching privileges”
  • go to settings (golden cog in the bottom left corner of the page)
  • activate advanced mode
  • find a setting called “allow coaching”, press the “enable coaching” button
  • from now on all players will be notified about the table being a coaching table and people possibly being able to see their cards

Step 2: Create a new user to do the streaming

As you probably do not want to see all hole cards your self while playing, you need to use a second user in a second browser for that.

  • open the table invite link from Step 1 in a new browser context. You will have to use a different google account for this.
  • join the club using any name, something like streamer might be a good idea

Step 3: Make the cards visible for the streaming user

Option A:

  • assign the second user the coach role in the “members” page of the club
  • when visiting the table with the streaming user, click on the golden user button in the bottom left and click “acquire coaching privileges”
  • make sure you did not forget to enable coaching mode for the table
  • coaches(with acquired privileges) can see all hole cards while not being seated

Option B:

  • enable the “show all cards in public setting”
  • now every unseated player can see hole cards, even if not being coach

Step 4: Delay your stream for 5 minutes or so

  • this is for example possible with obs or twitch
  • it will prevent your players from peeking into your cards by watching the stream

Step 5: Customize the streamed view

  • before sitting down, there should be a “let me spectate” button
  • right-click the title of any panel to get a context menu, that lets you show/hide panels in the sidebar

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