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The Tables Have Turned: a New Design for Your Home Game

Playing on should always be easy and fun. In order to ensure this in the future, we have recently released with a completely new and improved look. Inspired and adviced by many helpful and experienced heroes and villains we decided to make some drastic improvements.

The new Design of

Landing Page and Club Features

The first thing you will notice is our new landing page. It now informs the first visitors what is and wants to be: the best solution to the "invite your friends to play poker easily and anytime" - problem. It also invites you to log in with your Google account and access our Club feature: Here you have the possibility to play multi-table Sit & Go's, customize the look of your club tables and much, much more...

Clubs can customize their tables

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Once you're settled at our new tables, you'll notice some other important changes we've made to improve your comfort: The new design puts you in a fixed position at the bottom of the screen to watch all the action directly in front of you from a first-person perspective.

One of the first club mtts

If you hold down the Shift key, you can still rearrange all the elements of your table via drag-and-drop or mouse wheel zoom. We've also added several what we think are extremely aesthetically pleasing color schemes to your displosal. Press "C" to go through them and find the one you like best.

What else is new?

The new sidebar on the right is much sleeker and more powerful than ever: menu buttons, such as switching to full screen and opening the game settings, are located in the upper part. Sidebar panel controls are located in the lower part.

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Besides the new look, some new features have also made it into the new version: you can now impose a time limit (with optional time bank) on each player's turn. clubs can invite their members to the super exciting multi-table tournaments mentioned earlier.

25 Seconds left to act...

While this update brought many big changes, the list of small changes is also worth mentioning. For example, mucked cards (from called hands) can now be looked up in the hand's log by hovering over the corresponding line. Video chat controls are now more intuitive and measures have been taken to avoid misclicks.

Mucked cards in the log panel

Thank you!

This has been one of the most fun and exciting updates we've released so far. We hope that you, the players, like what we've done. The next list of ideas and improvements is already hanging on our wall. For now, we wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season. If you find the time, invite your friends to your own table. We would love to hear your feedback.

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